Is proofreading really important?

Is proofreading really important? Reviewing text is not a task that is limited to merely correcting punctuation, spelling errors, etc. So let us not think that he is exempt from this important stage of textual production, even a good connoisseur of grammar.

When a text is produced, however much its author has re-read for possible errors, in an attempt to improve it, it must be exposed to other perspectives, to other looks.

There must be (and as I write I say “still good!”) An agreement between the author and the reviewer during the review process; the professional will need the freedom to suggest possible changes, but it will always be the author who will decide whether these should be maintained or not.

We always work using a change control tool that, with great ease, the author can locate every change made in your text.

Text review attracts content reader

The experienced text reviewer is also delegated an important function: to help the author with regard to making your text more comprehensible to readers. When the writer produces a text, it is being drawn from the view of the connoisseur. That is why it is also important to check, through the eyes of a good reviewer, if the text will be sociable, friendly and clear to the reader.

Speaking from my own experience, the revision of texts is not only characterized as an intermediary in the improvement of the text / reader relationship; it directly helps the writer himself.

When you hire our services, I realize that some of our clients are writing even better; with each new revision service that the same client submits to us, we perceive an improvement in its textual production, especially with respect to the clarity and objectivity of its ideas.

Obstacles to revising texts

However, we know that there are many questions about the need for textual review. Some of them are natural, but others might even be seen as prejudiced. The good writer is the one who has responsibility for what he writes, so he does not get carried away by some personal issues that are usually dangerous. And the good reviewer is the one who has the same responsibility, but with lovingly dispassionate eyes.

It is clear that every writer has a style (still good!), But this should not be confused with certain obstacles to the success of his works. The pride of thinking that a work does not need a revision is the worst of them.

It is also known that certain languages ​​may be characteristic and targeted to a certain target audience, but excessive attachment to certain emotional writing behaviors may limit even this audience. Without careful examination of a work, it would not be prudent to make any publicity, especially if it depends on a large investment.

Finally, submitting a text to the work of a reviewer is not the same as risking a test of “right or wrong”. It is a sensible attitude that demonstrates maturity, because the proofreader is a contributor who delegates the responsibility of finding and eliminating possible obstacles that stand between the readers’ understanding and a literary work. As proof of this, every publisher (of book, newspaper, magazine, etc.) has a body of reviewers. And these work, mainly, texts of journalists and other qualified authors, that is, people who can write well. It is said that the famous presenter Jô Soares has a team of more than 10 reviewers!

We go back to the question: is proofreading really important?

This post aims to alert the writer friend that, however much a work seems to express his thought or contribution well, the look of an experienced textual reviewer can only add up, even more because, in the end, for legitimate right, you is the one who will decide what should prevail in his work, after a review.