Texts: professional secrecy

We understand the need for professional secrecy in your text. We know that while it has not been published, or approved by an examining board, it must be kept in absolute secrecy; this care is intended to safeguard its authorship by protecting it from plagiarists.

Professionals generally know the relevance of this issue, but few offer their customers a practical and secure solution that allows them to know the price of a service, without the obligation to send text that has not yet been approved by the bank or published; so if the writer really wants to make a budget, it will only be up to him to “trust” his production to a reviewer before even deciding whether to hire that professional or not. It is not fair that in order to obtain a simple budget, you have to give up the secrecy of your literary output to someone you do not know.

We guarantee the professional secrecy of your text!

The Written World does not ask you to submit your text in order to calculate a budget. We offer our customers the ultimate solution for this: an online self-service tool. With it, you can do the budget in real time and see how much you will pay – if you want to hire our services. It is very simple and works as follows:

  1. Select and copy your text to the clipboard;
  2. Paste it into the field to calculate the budget.

Note: The amount of text you can enter in the field is infinite, but the calculation can only be done with a minimum of 6,250 characters (including spaces).

  1. Choose the type of service (“Proofreading” or “Formatting”)
  2. Click the “Calculate Budget” button.

Ready! You will instantly know how much you will pay for the service – even before you speak to us. You do not have to “rely” on our staff just to know the price of the service you want. Now enjoy your freedom and use your normal evaluation criteria to decide who should entrust the proofreading or formatting of your literary work. Is not that a sign of consideration?